Pub Quiz 74

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1. In Which Month Of 1945 Were Atomic Bombs Dropped On Hiroshima And Nagasaki?

2. What Is The More Common Name For The Fruit Citrus Grandis?

3. Who Is The 1st Female In Line To The British Throne?

4. Which Gas Is The Main Element In The Air?

5. In Which Game Do You Have; Stones; Blots; Points And Tables?

6. What Does Hsbc Stand For?

7. The Metamorphosis Of What Type Of Rock Forms Marble?

8. Stilton Cheese Is Traditionally Served With Which Drink?

9. Which Aircraft Manufacturer Built The Dakota?

10. Which Us Union, Formerly Led By Jimmy Hoffa, Was At One Time The Largest In The Usa?  

11. Founded in 1776, what are auctioned at Tattersalls?

12. Which British motorway goes across The Pennines, west to east?

13. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, "A" is for alpha and "B" is for bravo what is "R" for?

14. Which comic book character was known as "the pilot of the future"?

15. For what crime was gangster Al Capone eventually imprisoned?

16. What would you have done if you "took the king's shilling"?

17. What is a "half-hunter"?

18. What is the name of the medical oath taken by doctors?

19. What is a "Turk's head"?

20. How was Sir Michael Wilcocks better known?

21. How many stars does the flag of the European Union now have?

22. In the Beatrix Potter books, what type of creature was Jeremy Fisher?

23. Contrary to popular belief, brides do not walk down the aisle to the altar. What do they walk down?

24. 25 Cromwell St was an infamous address in which Town or City?

25. Which city has more paper millionaires than any other?

26. What is Zulu time?

27. In the Bible Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament, which is the second?

28. Who were the first people known to have used paper money?

29. What is the Inernational Vehicle registration letter used to identify cars from Spain

30. Which WWII bomber was nicknamed the ?Wimpey??

31. What is the difference between a Pelican Crossing and a Toucan Crossing?


1. August

2. Grapefruit

3. Princess Beatrice

4. Nitrogen (70%)

5. Backgammon

6. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

7. Limestone

8. Port

9. Douglas

10. The Teamsters

11. Horses

12. M62

13. Romeo

14. Dan Dare

15. Tax Evasion

16. Joined Up/Enlisted In The Armed Forces

17. A Pocket Watch

18. Hippocratic Oath

19. Knot

20. Black Rod

21. 12 (The number of stars will not change when new members are admitted)

22. Frog

23. The nave of the church. Aisles are along the sides

24. Gloucester

25. Sydney

26. Greenwich Mean Time

27. Exodus

28. The Chinese

29. E

30. Wellington Bomber

31. A toucan crossing (Two-Can Cross) is for pedestrians and cyclists whereas a pelican crossing (Pedestrian Light Controlled) is only for pedestrians.


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