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1. The international space station is the second space station that the USA has been involved with, what was their first effort called?

2. What is the name of the actor?s union?

3. Who led the British labour party from 1955-1963?

4. Which TV series was based on the producer's experience with the Gestapo?

5. In which county is Skegness?

6. What name was given to the six Dorset farm workers transported in 1834 for trying to form a trade union?

7. The Trafford centre was Europe's largest shopping centre for 5 months until it was overtaken by which other UK based shopping mall?

8. In the film the Bitch, Joan Collins flies to London from New York. What movie does she watch on the in flight system?

9. In which year did the channel tunnel open?

10. What was the name of the anti-missile missiles used by the US during the gulf war to shoot incoming scuds?

11. Methanol and ethanol belong to which group of liquids?

12. Pneumonia is a disease of what?

13. What does a viticulturist grow?

14. How did the boy David defeat the giant Goliath?

15. Which fertility expert presented the epic bbc1 factual series the human body?

16. What was the nickname of Ivan IV, tsar of Russia in the 16th century?

17. Onto what surfaces are frescos painted?

18. According to the popular rhyme, what were the names of the two little dicky birds?

19. Where does the statue called Eros stand in London?

20. What did a selly oak pensioner?s club reclassify itself as in the hope of gaining a lottery grant in 1997?

21. "I am the egg man" is a line from which Beatles song?

22. "Per un Pugno di Dollari"; Which Clint Eastwood film was it?

23. In the USA, 100% proof whisky contains what percentage of alcohol?

24. A cob is a male of which creature?

25. A deficiency in what mineral causes anaemia

26. A group of nightingales is called a what

27. In the Bible what was remarkable about Balaam's ass

28. Wackford Sqeers was a schoolmaster in which Dicken's novel

29. What claim to fame has Nicholas Breakespeare who was born in the 12th Century

30. When was Princess Anne born?  


1. Skylab

2. Equity

3. Hugh Gaitskill

4. Mastermind

5. Lincolnshire

6. The Tolupuddle Martyrs

7. Bluewater

8. The Stud

9. 1994

10. Patriots

11. Alcohols

12. The Lungs

13. Grapes or Vines

14. He stunned him with a stone from a sling and then slew him with a sword

15. Professor Robert Winston

16. Ivan the Terrible

17. Walls (Plaster)

18. Peter and Paul

19. Piccadilly Circus

20. A Gay Club

21. I am the Walrus

22. A Fistful of Dollars.

23. 50

24. Swan

25. Iron

26. A Watch

27. It could talk

28. Nicholas Nickleby

29. Only English Pope

30. 1950


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