Pub Quiz 70

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The following quiz round was submitted by Les Sharp - Les runs the pub quiz on a Thursday at The Burnside Inn, Menstrie, Scotland. Many thanks Les, some great puzzlers in there.

1. A Barista traditionally makes what

2. Zablaglione is a dessert from which country

3. Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in what

4. As an aid to his gambling, John Montague invented what

5. HP as in the sauce stands for Houses of Parliament true or false

6. What is the name of the pan in which you make paella

7. The name of which Italian cheese means re-cooked

8. Which building has its address as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

9. Which fictional character lives at 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging?

10. Flemish Bond and English bond are methods of doing what?

11. In which food would you find Ronnie Barker

12. Cointreau or Triple sec is added to which spirit to make a sidecar

13. What spirit is mixed with Ginger beer to make Moscow Mule

14. In the song Walzing Matilda, what is a jumbuck

15. Stanley Burrell became famous as who

16. The Dinar not the currency of which country, Lybia, Serbia, Iran, Algeria

17. If You had Distrix what would you have

18. King Zog ruled which country

19. Which country leads the world in Pork Pruduction. China, USA, Germany, Brazil


1. Coffee

2. Italy

3. Water

4. Sandwich


6. Paella

7. Ricotta

8. The White House

9. Harry Potter

10. Laying Bricks

11. Porridge

12. Brandy

13. Vodka

14. Sheep


16. Iran

17. Split Ends

18. Albania

19. China


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