Pub Quiz 69

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The following pub quiz was kindly submitted by Richard Goodfellow who presents the Daneway Inn-Fatuated Quiz. Many thanks again Richard, great stuff!

1. On January 21st, 1976, what left London for Bahrain, and Paris for Rio?

2. On what road did Nellie the Elephant meet the Head of the Herd?

3. Where was England?s wartime Code Breaking Service situated?

4. What is the name of the husked coarse oatmeal that, when boiled, is served with breakfast in some regions of the USA?

5. In fairy tales, what was the name of the little man who could spin straw into gold?

6. Who was the last British Governor of Hong Kong?

7. What are the five senses?

8. Which is the largest Greek island?

9. What colour powder was thrown at Tony Blair in Parliament by a member of Fathers4Justice?

10. In which country is Transylvania?

11. In which city is sport and entertainment centre Madison Square Garden?

12. What British mammal can be wood, house and yellow-necked?

13. What do we call the Italian city Firenza?

14. What is the capital of Canada?

15. In the British Army, how many Guards Regiments are there?

16. In which prison did John Bunyan write most of Pilgrim?s Progress?

17. Which drink do you associate with Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in Northumberland?

18. In which year did man supposedly first land on the moon?

19. Which sporting event, taking place for possibly the last time this week, results in the winner receiving the Waterloo Cup?

20. What is another name for Epiphany?  


1. Concorde

2. The Road to Mandalay

3. Bletchley Court

4. Grits

5. Rumpelstiltskin

6. Chris Patten

7. Taste, sight, hearing, smell, touch

8. Crete

9. Purple

10. Romania

11. New York

12. Mouse

13. Florence

14. Ottawa

15. 5 (Coldstream, Welsh, Irish, Scots and Grenadier - Thanks to "Welsh Wizard" from a Guards Regiment.for correcting a previous error.)

16. Bedford

17. Mead

18. 1969

19. Hare Coursing

20. Twelfth Night


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