Pub Quiz 68

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The following pub quiz was kindly submitted by Richard Goodfellow who presents the Daneway Inn-Fatuated Quiz. Many thanks Richard, great stuff!

1. On which island was Napoleon exiled when he died?

2. Who is the controversial, new owner of Leeds United?

3. Who succeeded Colin Powell as US Secretary of State?

4. What is the face-veil called as worn by Muslim women?

5. Which cocktail gets its name from the red glow caused by the grenadine in it?

6. Between which two planets does the Asteroid Belt lie?

7. What is the main ingredient of Beef Wellington?

8. In which sport do you use balls weighing between 6 and 16 lbs?

9. The statue of Justice on top of the Old Bailey holds a set of scales in one hand and what in the other?

10. Who was Captain Hook?s first mate in Peter Pan?

11. What slang term derives from smugglers hiding brandy in their thigh boots?

12. Where, locally, can you find a building called ?The Doughnut??

13. What are the participants in ?Mastermind? called?

14. What oxymoron is represented by the initials MI, as in MI5 and MI6?

15. What did Ho Chi Minh City used to be called?

16. Who composed the New World Symphony?

17. What historic event took place on March 15th, 44BC?

18. What is the nearest member of the Commonwealth, in miles, to the UK?

19. Other than skiing, in which sport is their a Slalom?

20. Which 12 letter word is a foodstuff where every other letter is an A?


1. St Helena

2. Ken Bates

3. Condoleeza Rice

4. Yashmak

5. Tequila Sunrise

6. Mars and Jupiter

7. Beef

8. Ten Pin Bowling

9. Sword

10. Smee

11. Bootlegger

12. Cheltenham (GCHQ)

13. Contenders

14. Military Intelligence

15. Saigon

16. Anton Dvorak

17. Assassination of Julius Caeser

18. Malta

19. Canoeing

20. Taramasalata


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