Pub Quiz 77

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1. Which baseball team play home games at Coors field?

2. Who was the president of the united states between 1981 and 1989?

3. In which decade was art deco at its most popular in the us?

4. Which Paul Simon song begins with the line: ?let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together??

5. According to the New Testament of the bible, who did Jesus say was the greatest man who ever lived?

6. Which is the largest city in New Zealand?

7. What is the best decimal expression of 'pi'? (2DP)

8. What nickname is given to an alcoholic drink of vodka and orange juice?

9. Which 1997 film grossed the most dollars?

10. In Richard Adams? Watership down, what kind of animals are the characters hazel and bigwig?

11. In which trade are composing frames and sticks used?

12. In which range of hills would you find the village of Broadway?

13. Which football club has the nickname ?The Blades??

14. Which role did Katherine Helmond play in ?Soap??

15. Which famous author and editor was born in Lichfield in 1709?

16. From which country did the Chihuahua originate?

17. Which city did Speke airport serve?

18. What was John Dawkins nickname in Oliver Twist?

19. What made the Terror of Tiny Town an unusual film?  

20. In which fictional town was Crossroads set?

21. On which London Underground line is Turnham Green station?

22. What was the name of Freddy Laker's cheap transatlantic air service of 1977?

23. F. Murray Abraham won Best Actor Oscar for his part in which musical film biography?

24. In which US state are the Sierra Nevada mountains?

25. Which Motor Racing team is named after India's sacred flower?

26. How many players are there in a Baseball team?

27. In which South American country is the volcano Chimborazo?

28. Devil's Apron and Purple Laver are both types of what?

29. Who's only No. 1 hit, in 1975, was "Barbados"?

30. In Greek Mythology, what did the Gods eat?  


1. Colorado Rockies

2. Reagan

3. 1930s

4. America

5. John the Baptist

6. Auckland

7. 3.14

8. ?screwdriver?

9. Titanic

10. Rabbits

11. Printing

12. Cotswolds

13. Sheffield United

14. Jessica Tate

15. Dr Samuel Johnson

16. Mexico

17. Liverpool

18. Artful Dodger

19. Cast of Midgets

20. Kings Oak

21. District

22. Skytrain

23. Amadeus

24. California

25. Lotus

26. Nine

27. Ecuador

28. Seaweed

29. Typically Tropical

30. Ambrosia  


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