Pub Quiz 78

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The following quiz round was submitted by Elixir from the UK. ( Many thanks Elixir, great job!

1. What was the name of the first human powered aircraft that won the ?50,000 prize established by Henry Kremer?

2. What kind of wood was the Kon-Tiki raft made from?

3. How was someone executed using the method of lapidation?

4. Who was the first Pope?

5. Who was the first woman to be head of MI5?

6. Who was executed for the kidnap of Charles Linberg`s baby?

7. From which of the forces did Britain`s Prince Edward resign in 1987?

8. What does something resemble if it is xiphoid shaped?

9. On TV, who was the sheriff of Four Feather Falls?

10. The adjective `undececimal` relates to which number?

11. What type of bird is a galah?

12. Leningrad,  Fort Sumter, Sarajevo and Massada are all examples of what?

13. What colour is a 20-Euro note?

14. In which city is the headquarters of the European Central Bank?

15. What is the Birkenhead Drill?

16. Who was the first high priest of the Israelites in the Old Testament?

17. Where was the ship the Mary Celeste bound for when she was found mysteriously abandoned?

18. What is represented by an orrery?

19. In Greek mythology, where where the eyes of Argus transferred to?

20. Which poet made his maiden speech in the House of Lords in 1812?


1. Gossamer Condor

2. Balsa

3. Stoning

4. St Peter

5. Stella Rimington

6. Bruno Hauptmann

7. The Royal Marines

8. Sword

9. Tex Tucker

10. 11

11. Cockatoo

12. Sieges

13. Blue

14. Frankfurt

15. Women and children first

16. Aaron

17. Genoa

18. The planets and their movements

19. Peacock

20. Lord Byron


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