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The following pub quiz was submitted by John Robbins from the UK. Many thanks John, great job

1. Which country has 4 out of the 5 active volcanoes in europe

2. In which sport would you see a fosbury flop

3. If monday?s child is fair of face what is thursday?s child

4. Dash in a real rush, hurry or else accident, is an aide to remember what

5. Which republic of the ussr has the same name as a state in america

6. What did oscar wilde refer to as "the unmentionable in full pursuit of the uneatable"

7. Apart from sharks and saltwater crocodiles what do the queensland australia coastguard warn bathers about

8. During the ice age the river thames was a tributary of which european river

9. How many books in the bible refer to eve biting the apple

10. To the nearest ?50 million, how much did the new wembley cost

11. In which county is betws-y-coed

12. On which bay does lyme regis stand

13. What is the largest sculpture in britain

14. Which city is the city of Dreaming spires

15. On which object will you see the inscription "standing on the shoulders of giants"

16. What does the suffix "sex" mean in a county?s name, section, saxon or shire

17. If you take the london underground at victoria and travel east for 26 stops at which station will you end up

18. What is traditionally smoked in arbroath

19. Which is the nearest principality to england

20. Where in england according to bram stoker did dracula first set ashore

Tie break: name the year hawaii becomes the 50th state of the usa


1. Italy

2. High Jumping (Athletics)

3. Thursday?s Child Has Far To Go

4. How To Spell Diarrhoea

5. Georgia

6. Fox Hunting

7. Jellyfish

8. Rhine

9. None

10. ?757 Million (Accept 707 To 807 Million)

11. Conway

12. Lyme Bay

13. The Angel Of The North

14. Oxford

15. The Outside Rim Of A ?2 Coin

16. Saxon

17. Victoria (Circle Line)

18. Haddock  (Arbroath Smokies...Kippers)

19. Wales

20. Whitby

Tie Break. 1959&Nbsp;


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