Pub Quiz 80

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1. What does the Latin tag "Nil desperandum" mean?

2. Where is the deepest point in the oceans?

3. In which direction do Tornadoes usually spin in the Northern Hemisphere?

4. How much of the Earth?s ice is found in Antarctica? Is it 30%, 60% or 90%?

5. What is Hypermertropia?

6. When did Native American Indians fist get the vote? Was it 1920, 1922 or 1924?

7. By what nickname is the American Stars and Stripes flag often known?

8. What is the oldest Alloy?

9. Which was the first country to give the vote to women?

10. What is the name of the dry, dusty wind that originates in the Sahara and blows north towards the Mediterranean?

11. Songwriter, Bernie Taupin wrote song for what well known musician?

12. Johann Gutenberg was famous for inventing what in 1455?

13. Which of the following is not a Judo Belt colour? Blue, Grey or Orange.

14. Which of these weapons is not used in modern day Fencing? Foil, Lance or Epee.

15. What is the Capital City of Papua New Guinea?

16. How many sides does a Dodecahedron have?

17. Which of the following foods has the most calories by weight? Melon, Turnip or Celery?

18. What was the first ever feature length cartoon with sound and colour?

19. From what work are the stories about Aladdin and Ali Baba taken?

20. Dr. Chaim Weizmann was the first President of what country?  

21. Lance Armstrong, an American, won the 1999 Tour de France. Who was the last American to win the race prior to this?

22. Lee Majors played the 'Six Million Dollar Man'. What was his character name?

23. In nuclear reactors which metal acts as a shield?

24. What would you do with a Cummerbund?

25. With which 3 words does the Bible start with?

26. Name the Beatles only animated feature film.

27. In which country did the modern day Olympic Games begin in 1896?

28. What nationality is Hercule Poirot, the Agatha Christie character?

29. Whose 1956 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster fetched $497,500 recently, the most ever paid at auction for a guitar?

30. What colour does litmus paper turn when placed in an alkaline solution?


1. Never despair.

2. The Marianas Trench.

3. Anticlockwise.

4. 90%

5. Long-sightedness.

6. 1924

7. Old Glory

8. Bronze - a mixture of copper and tin.

9. New Zealand, in 1893.

10. Sirocco

11. Elton John.

12. The Printing Press.

13. Grey.

14. Lance

15. Port Moresby

16. 12

17. Melon.

18. Snow White and the seven dwarfs

19. The Arabian Nights.

20. Israel.

21. Greg Lemond

22. Steve Austin

23. Lead

24. Wear it around your waist.

25. In the beginning

26. Yellow Submarine

27. Greece

28. Belgian

29. Eric Clapton

30. Blue


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