Pub Quiz 4

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The following questions are suitable for a pub quiz, generally having short answers (that can be scribbled on a piece of paper) and not too difficult.

1. In Oliver Twist what was the name of Bill Sikes dog?

2. Who wrote ?The ballad of Reading Gaol??

3. Which car model was named after the man who founded Detroit?

4. Which famous singer was first offered the TV role of ?Lieutenant Colombo??

5. In which city would you find the Guggenheim Museum?

6. Which French phrase, in common English use, means something already accomplished and considered irreversible?

7. Who played Bernado in The magnificent 7?

8. What is the more common term for Daltonism?

9. In which sport is the first reserve player referred to as the 19th man?

10. The Forest of Arden is the scene of which of Shakespeare?s plays?

11. Who captained South Africa during their 1999 World Cup cricket campaign?

12. What is Armagnac?

13. Which writer when stopped at US customs said, ?I have nothing to declare but my genius??

14. Who did Churchill describe as a ?Sheep in sheep?s clothing??

15. In which country were Simeon, Boris, Ferdinand and Ivan Shishamn kings?

16. In which year were the first winter Olympics?

17. Golf, in August 1996 who made his suprising debut as a pro in the Czech Open

18. Which Woody Allen film starring Peter Sellers had Tom Jones singing the theme song?

19. Name the country named after the man, born on the 24th of July, 1783, who gained independence for six south American republics?

20. Which historic event was the subject of the 1958 film "A Night to remember"?


1. Bull?s Eye

2. Oscar Wilde

3. Cadillac

4. Bing Crosby

5. New York

6. Fait Accompli

7. Charles Bronson

8. Colour Blindness

9. Australian Rules Football

10. As You Like It

11. Hansie Cronje

12. A dry, brown, brandy

13. Oscar Wilde

14. Clement Atlee

15. Bulgaria

16. 1924

17. Ivan Lendl

18. What's New Pussycat

19. Bolivia

20. The sinking of the Titanic

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