Pub Quiz 3

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The following questions are suitable for a pub quiz, generally having short answers (that can be scribbled on a piece of paper) and not too difficult.

1. At the start of a game of draughts, how many squares are not covered by pieces?

2. What does a Campanologist do?

3. A yellowish brown coating and a reckless German pilot. Four letters

4. What is Hugh Grant's occupation in the hit movie "Notting Hill"?

5. An EU country's capital city and a variety of vegetable.

6. Why was Erika Schinegger stripped of her 1966 downhill skiing world title?

7. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world, what is the second largest?

8. Who was the first king of Israel?

9. True or false: The American inventor of the deep-freezing process was a Mr Birdseye?

10. How many times did Bjorn Borg win the men?s singles finals at Wimbledon?

11. What name is given to a baby elephant?

12. In Greek mythology, what is the distinguishing factor on the guard dog Cerberus?

13. Which musical hailed the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

14. Which game was invented by Dr James Naismith in 1891?

15. Who was the last Aztec ruler of Mexico?

16. Which breed of small aggressive terrier dogs was originally bred to hunt rats?

17. In which film does Yul Brynner play a robot gunfighter?

18. Which military base in North Kentucky holds the US Gold Reserves?

19. Normal, Reverse, Strike Slip, Horst and Graben are all types of what?

20. Which buildings did Don Quixote mistake for evil giants?


1. 40

2. Ring bells - a Campanologist is a bell ringer

3. Rust

4. A bookshop owner

5. Brussels (Sprouts/Belgium)

6. She was a man

7. The Australian Desert

8. Saul

9. True

10. Five times

11. A Calf

12. He had three heads

13. Hair

14. Basketball

15. Montezuma II

16. Jack Russell

17. Westworld

18. Fort Knox

19. Faults caused by movements in the earth

20. Windmills

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