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The following questions are suitable for a pub quiz, generally having short answers (that can be scribbled on a piece of paper) and not too difficult.

1. In July 2007, which former formula one racing driver was forced to attend a driving education course following a string of convictions on the road?

2. Which religion supports the caste system?

3. Keno is the American casino version of which game?

4. The "One-Step" was a ballroom dance. How is this dance now known?

5. Which Welsh word is used as a term of endearment, usually after a person's name, and is also the name of a German composer?

6. Which pirate sank in March 1980?

7. Which book by Ian Flemming descibes the glittering world of gambling?

8. Which US President was the first Roman Catholic President?

9. Which James Bond film was made predominantly in and around the city Udaphur?

10. Which Strait separates Sri Lanka from India?

11. What was meant to happen to anyone who drank from the river Lethe?

12. How will Joseph Holson Jaegger go down in european gambling history?

13. What appeared in the Times newspaper for the first time in Sept 1860?

14. Translate "PRAVDA" into English. (Clue: it was the name of the communist newspaper)

15. What is the singular of Scampi?

16. Which club did David Platt leave to join Arsenal?

17. What was Eric Blair's pen name?

18. What was the first film with an intermission?

19. Where is St. Edmund buried?

20. Which spirit's name derives from a Dutch word that means 'burnt wine'?

21. Which car company produced the "Renown" and the "Mayflower" models?

22. Which Mexican cocktail gets its red glow from the grenadine in it?


1. Nelson Piquet

2. Hinduism

3. Bingo

4. The Foxtrot

5. Bach

6. Radio Caroline

7. Casino Royale

8. John F. Kennedy

9. Octopussy

10. The Palk Strait

11. They lost their memory (Amnesia)

12. As the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

13. The weather forecast

14. Truth

15. Scampo

16. Sampdoria

17. George Orwell

18. Gone with the Wind

19. Bury St. Edmunds, England

20. Brandy

21. Triumph

22. Tequila Sunrise


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