Pub Quiz 5

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1. 30% of people doing this job in the USA quit, every year, due to stress. What job is it?

2. In the UK they are "butter beans" what are they called in the USA?

3. "Boothby blonde", "China long" and "Straight 8" are all varieties of what?

4. Siddhartha Gautama became better known as who?

5. In western palmistry the index finger is linked to which planet?

6. Which group govern in a plutocracy?

7. Who said "I've had a talent for irritating women since I was 14"?

8. Which Shakespeare play ends in marriage of Benedict Beatrice?

9. What is the Latin word for to roll?

10. In music who decided that an octave should have eight notes?

11. "Woodpusher", "fish" and "patzer" are all derogatory words for a bad what?

12. Who played the doctor in the rock opera Tommy?

13. Virginia Patterson Hensley became more famous as who?

14. Collective nouns: A glint of what?

15. Ophidiophobia is the fear of what?

16. Parcheesi is the national game of which country?

17. How was Boris Karloff listed in the credits 1931 Frankenstein?

18. Ronald MacDonald is the mascot of MacDonalds worldwide with the exception of in Japan, how is he better known in Japan?

19. Staying with Japan, in Japan what is jigai?

20. The Chinese call it "little mouse", the Danes and Swedes call it "elephants trunk", what is it?


1. School Bus Driver

2. Lima Beans

3. Cucumber

4. Buddha

5. Jupiter

6. The most wealthy

7. Marilyn Monroe

8. Much ado About Nothing

9. Volvo

10. Pythagoras

11. Chess player

12. Jack Nicholson

13. Patsy Cline

14. Goldfish

15. Snakes

16. India

17. As "?"

18. Donald MacDonald

19. Female suicide

20. The "@" symbol (at)

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