Pub Quiz 6

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1. Peach, pear and plum all members of which family of plants?

2. In Spain what are Paradors?

3. What are Acheron, Cocytus and Phlegethon?

4. In what city would you find the famous Jacques Cartier bridge?

5. What would you do with a wandering sailor?

6. What is the final event in the modern pentathlon?

7. Which Spanish town is noted for high quality steel swords?

8. Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello. Which Shakespeare tragedy is missing?

9. What is the most commonly used oil in Chinese cuisine?

10. If a doctor gave you an Ishihara test what are they testing for?

11. Jason and the Argonauts sailed to where looking for the fleece?

12. Suez is at one end of the Suez canal what is at the other?

13. What is the christian name of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple?

14. Which grape variety is nicknamed The King of Grapes?

15. In which TV series can one find the characters "Klu Klux Clam", "Uncle Ant" and "Disgruntled goat"?

16. In cookery, what does the word ricotta literally mean?

17. Dr Teeth was the leader of the band "Electric Mayhem", where?

18. The Owen Ford Dam is one of world's largest, is in which country is it situated?

19. Except for the British Queen, who was the only other woman to appear on an English banknote? (Scottish banknotes are different, hence why we did not use British banknote in the question)

20. Where would you find pedals, a resonator and a piller?


1. Roses

2. State-owned tourist hotels

3. Rivers of Hell

4. Montreal, Canada

5. Plant it, it's a plant

6. Horse Riding

7. Toledo

8. King Lear

9. Groundnut (or Peanut oil, as it is sometimes known)

10. Colour blindness

11. Colchis

12. Port Said

13. Jane

14. Cabernet Sauvignon

15. Itchy and Scratchy - a spoof cartoon series on The Simpsons

16. Cooked twice

17. The Muppet Show

18. Uganda

19. Florence Nightingale (and now Elizebeth Fry)

20. On a Harp

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