Connections Quiz 48

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The following quiz round was submitted by Graham White from the UK.  Many thanks Graham, a great round!

Ten questions, ten answers. But what connects the answers?

1. Which 1983 top 10 (Snowy White) single begins: 'Saw you flying by, flash of turquoise blue, I just had to try, to keep your life in view'.

2. The motor car pioneers Charles and Henry both had surnames beginning with which letter.

3. In some Central American regions which large cleaver-like tool is beleived to be the best weapon to kill the mythical cadejo.

4. Which three-pronged spear features widely in mythical, historical and modern culture.

5. The name of which plant precedes 'ville' to give the name of Desperate Dans home town.

6. Which is the only mythical creature featured in the Chinese calendar.

7. Founded in the late 1850's, which paint company have their headquarters in Darwen, Lancashire.

8. In the Swahili language 'Simba' refers to which animal.

9. Instituted in 1940, what is the highest civilian decoration awarded in the UK.

10. Omonia, APOEL and Doxa Katokopia are top flight football clubs in which European country.

And the connection?


1. Bird Of Paradise

2. R - Charles Rolls and Henry Royce

3. Machete

4. Trident

5. Cactus

6. Dragon

7. Crown

8. Lion

9. George Cross

10. Cyprus

Connection - They all feature on national flags  
    Bird of Paradise - Papua New Guinea, 
    'R' - Rwanda, 
    Machete - Angola, 
    Trident - Barbados, 
    Cactus - Mexico, 
    Dragon - Bhutan, 
    Crown - Liechtenstein, 
    Lion - Sri Lanka, 
    George Cross - Malta, 
    Cyprus - Cyprus (obviously!)


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