Easy General Knowledge Quiz 9

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1. Which Country Was The Birth Place Of The Tennis Player Ilie Nastase?

2. What Is The State Capital Of Indiana USA?

3. What Was the Name Given To Sinclair?s Electric, Three-Wheeled Car?

4. What Is The RAF Equivalent Of The Royal Navy Rank Of Vice- Admiral?

5. Which Us President Won A Nobel Prize In 1906?

6. What Was Fletcher?s First Name In The TV Series ?Porridge??

7. Which City Is The Capital Of The Andalusia Region Of Spain?

8. Who Wrote The Novel The Great Gatsby?

9. What Was The Name Of The Chef In ?Fawlty Towers??

10. What Was Margaret Thatcher?s Maiden Name?  

11. How did pop singer Cherilyn Sarkasian La Pierre become better known?

12. What was the final battle that Napoleon fought in?

13. Which men used to perform with Ken Dodd?

14. On which day are British elections held?

15. In CB terminology what is a watering hole?

16. What was the name of land where Gulliver met the little people?

17. In the nursery rhyme, who ran away with the spoon?

18. Which animal?s name comes first in a standard dictionary?

19. What are Western, South-eastern, Oxford, Midland, North-eastern, Northern?

20. The original King Kong met his fate on the Empire State Building, but on which landmark did The Amazing Colossal Man come to grief?


1. Romania.

2. Indianapolis.

3. C 5

4. Air Marshal.

5. Theodore Roosevelt.

6. Norman.

7. Seville.

8. F. Scott Fitzgerald.

9. Terry.

10. Roberts

11. Cher

12. Waterloo

13. The Diddymen

14. Thursday

15. A Pub

16. Lilliput

17. Dish

18. Aardvark

19. The 6 Circuits for judges in England

20. Boulder (Hoover) dam


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