Pauls Quiz 177

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1. According to Welsh psychologists, the most depressing day of the year is which day in the last week of which month ? (looking for a day in the week and a month)

2. What is Alecia Moore's 'piercing ' nickname ?

3. The Frankfurter hairdresser Karl Wald invented which nail-biting and sometimes heartbreaking 'punishment' in 1970 ?  clue if needed, it is a major cause of heart attacks.

4. US President Quincy Adams kept one in the White House and TV cop Sonny Crocket kept one on his boat. What is it ?

5. The original layout or ground plot for which African capital city is in the shape of the Union Jack ?

6. Translate the two words Eskimo and Inuit.

7. The majority of tigers in the world live in which country ?    
    a. Russia
    b. India
    c. USA
    d. Vietnam

8. Which island is the last part of Europe that still has the feudal system ?

9. The psychosomatic illness called Stendhal syndrome (or Florence syndrome) which causes among other things dizziness, increased heartbeat, confusion and even hallucinations, can occur when one is exposed to what form of beauty ?

10. "Metsotso e mashome a meraro ka mara hora ya leshome le motso e mong" is Sesotho for what ?
    a. I love you
    b. very small
    c. half past ten 


1. a Monday in the last week of January

2. Pink (Pink can mean to pierce)Pink (often stylized as P!nk), is a two-time Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter who gained prominence in 2000.

3. The penalty shootout in football after extra time. The invention of the awarded penalty kick is credited to the goalkeeper and businessman William McCrum in 1890 in Milford, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The penalty shootout is also credited as the invention of former referee Karl Wald, from Frankfurt am Main. When proposed in 1970, the Bavarian football association attempted to block the suggestion, and it was only when the majority of delegates said they were in favour that the officials gave their backing. Shortly afterwards, the German Football Association followed suit. UEFA also accepted the proposal, penalty shootouts were used to decide matches in the UEFA Champion Clubs' Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup from the 1970?71 season.

4. An alligator. (Sonny called his Elvis)

5. KhartoumKhartoum is the capital of Sudan and of Khartoum State. It is located at the confluence point of the White Nile coming in from the north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile flowing west from Ethiopia. The location where the two Niles meet is known as "al-Mogran". The main Nile continues to flow north towards Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea.

6. Eskimo means raw flesh eater and Inuit means human or man.

7. c. USA

8. Sark (Until the end of 2008) Sark is a small island in the southwestern English Channel. It is one of the Channel Islands, is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, and as such is a British crown dependency. It has a population of about 600. Sark's main industries are tourism, crafts and finance. Sark has an area of two square miles (5.45 km?). Sark was the last European territory to abolish what some called classic feudalism.

9. Art

10. c. half past ten  Sesotho is a Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa, where it is one the 11 official languages, and in Lesotho, where it is the national language. It is an agglutinative language which uses numerous affixes and derivational and inflexional rules to build complete words.


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