Pauls Quiz 178

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1. The Lusitania's sister ship held the Blue Ribbon from 1907 until 1929. What was her name ?

2. In song who is "my fine four fendered friend" ?

3. The Vatican has added seven modern deadly sins to its Decalogue. Can you name three ?

4. What is the name of the maidenhair tree or 'living fossil', the first tree to bud in Hiroshima after the atom bomb ?

5. Which three countries are known collectively as Transcaucasia ?

6. What are the foremost sails found on a fully rigged ship called ?

7. 104 year old South African Philip Rabinowitz holds the world record in the 100 metre dash for people 100 years old or more! What is his record winning time ? 
    a. 18.86 sec. 
    b. 30.86 sec. or 
    c. 48.86 sec.

8. What are the 'fonds de cuisine' (foundations of cooking) ? Five or six letters

9. The American Film Institute has a list of the top 100 villians in film. (as of 2003) Take a guess, name the top five villianous characters .  Clue, there are two women in the top 5.  1 pt. for each correct answer.

10. Which Gregory Peck character tops the American Film Institute's list of heroes ? 


1. Mauretania

2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

3. They are, in no particular order, 
    1. excessive wealth 
    2. social injustice 
    3. genetic engineering 
    4. pollution 
    5. drug dealing 
    6. child abuse
    7. abortion

4. Ginkgo Ginkgo is a genus of highly unusual non-flowering plants with one extant species, G. biloba regarded as a living fossil. Fossils recognisably related to modern Ginkgo biloba date back to the Permian, some 270 million years ago. The genus diversified and spread throughout Laurasia during the middle Jurassic and Cretaceous, but became much rarer thereafter. By the Paleocene, Ginkgo adiantoides was the only Ginkgo species extant in the Northern Hemisphere with a markedly different (but not well-documented) form persisting in the Southern Hemisphere. At the end of the Pliocene, Ginkgo fossils disappeared from the fossil record everywhere apart from a small area of central China where the modern species survived.

5. Three Answers:
    Azerbaijan and 
    Armenia. The South Caucasus is a mountainous, geopolitical area of south-central Eurasia, also referred to as Transcaucasia, or The Transcaucasus. More specifically, the South Caucasus area spans the southern portion of the Caucasus Mountains and its lowlands, lying between the two continents of Europe and Asia and extending from the southern part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain range of southwestern Russia and going southerly to the Turkish and Iranian borders, travelling between the Black and Caspian Seas. All of Armenia is in Transcaucasia; the majority of Georgia and Azerbaijan, including the exclave of Nax?ivan, fall within this area. The countries of the region are producers of oil, manganese ore, tea, citrus fruits, and wine.

6. Jibs A jib (also spelled jibb) is a triangular staysail set ahead of the foremost mast of a sailing boat. Its tack is fixed to the bowsprit, to the bow, or to the deck between the bowsprit and the foremost mast. Jibs and spinnakers are the two main types of headsails on a modern boat. On a boat with two staysails the inner sail is called the staysail, and the outer (foremost) is called the jib. This combination of two staysails is called a cutter rig (or a yankee pair) and a boat with one mast rigged with two staysails and a mainsail is called a cutter.

7. b. 30.86 sec - Well done Phil, as Neil Young once sang, 'Long may you run'.

8. Stock(s)

9. Five Answers:
    1. Hannibal Lector 
    2. Norman Bates 
    3. Darth Vader 
    4. Wicked witch of the west 
    5. Nurse Ratched

10. Atticus Finch (To kill a mockingbird)


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