Pauls Quiz 179

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1. Off the coast of which four countries do the majority of shark attacks occur ?

2. One of the most difficult to watch scenes in movie history for many people involves a Dr. Szell and his repetitive question "Is it safe?". What film is it ?

3. In which three countries would one find the most Roman Catholics ?

4. Only three clubs have won all three of the following trophys, Champions League or European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup. Name them.

5. Homocide, suicide, patracide etc. Which word beginning with the letter 'P' means to fake ones own death ?

6. Plus or minus 50 degrees celcius, what is the temperature in outer space ?

7. Londoners, Parisians and Moscowvites. What are the citizins of each of the following cities called ?  
    a. Chicago  
    b. Madrid  
    c. Vancouver  
    d. Portsmouth

8. From the following list of countries, choose the two with the highest car theft rates in the world.  
    New Zealand  

9. Which epicurean pleasure did Tobold Hornblower first introduce into his known world in the year 1070 ?

10. Edward G. Robinson's last role was in which edible futuristic film ?


1. USA, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

2. Marathon Man. The dental scene. Marathon Man is a 1974 paranoid thriller novel by William Goldman. In 1976 it was made into a film of the same name starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, and Roy Scheider and directed by John Schlesinger. Both the novel and the film contain a graphic depiction in which Dr. Christian Szell tortures Thomas "Babe" Levy by drilling into his teeth, without anesthetic, and repeatedly asking the question, "Is it safe?" Babe does not know what the question means, nor the interrogator's identity. In the course of torturing him so, Szell offers him anaestheic clove oil as inducement to cooperate.

3. Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

4. Juventus, Ajax and Bayern Munich.

5. Pseudocide Pseudocide is a neologism (or Americanism) for faking one's own death. It is usually carried out in order to commit fraud (falsely claiming against life insurance policies), avoid debt or legal trouble, or escape marital difficulties. The British expression "doing a Reggie Perrin" refers to pseudocide, after a popular 1970s British comedy series called The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. The lead character, played by Leonard Rossiter, fakes his own death by drowning, leaving his clothes and personal effects on a bench. However, Reggie soon misses his wife and returns home under the assumed identity of a Martin Wellbourne. His wife is pleased to have him back in any form and plays along with his pretence to be another person.

6. -270 degrees C.

7. Four Answers (see this page for a full list):
    a. Chicagoans  
    b. Madrilerios   Madrilenos  or Madrilenians
    c. Vancouverites  
    d. Portsmouthians

8. Switzerland and New Zealand

9. Pipe weed. Or herb pipe weed, Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby. In the Lord of the Rings. Tobold Hornblower is the first person to domesticate in Middle-earth pipe-weed, which he does in T.A. 2670. This development leads to its cultivation in the Southfarthing, and the pipe-weed, known as Longbottom Leaf from the city where Hornblower was from, becomes an important product of the Shire and is widely regarded as the finest pipe-weed. This was shown by the fact that Saruman imports barrels of it to Isengard.

10. Soylent Green Soylent Green is a 1973 dystopian science fiction movie depicting a future in which the greenhouse gas effect results in severe damage to the environment. This leads to widespread unemployment and poverty. Real fruit, vegetables, and meat are rare, commodities are expensive, and much of the population survives on processed food rations, including "soylent green" wafers. Edward Goldenberg Robinson, Sr. (born Emanuel Goldenberg; 1893 ? 1973) was an honorary Academy Award-winning American stage and film actor born in Romania. Robinson was never nominated for an Academy Award, but in 1973 he was awarded an honorary Oscar in recognition that he had "achieved greatness as a player, a patron of the arts, and a dedicated citizen ... in sum, a Renaissance man". He died from cancer at the age of 79, two months before the award ceremony


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