Mediterranean Quiz 1

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1. To which island group do Majorca and Ibiza belong?

2. Which Mediterranean island is divided in 2 by the Atilla Line?

3. What does the word Mediterranean actually mean?

4. Which island holds the main base of the French Foreign Legion?

5. Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

6. In which sea within the Mediterranean are the Sporades and Cyclades islands situated?

7. In which Cypriot resort will you find the Tomb of the Kings?

8. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. It is a special autonomous region of which country?

9. Of which island is Valetta the capital?

10. What is the better known name of the group of 7 volcanic islands off the Sicilian coast sometimes called the Aeolian islands?


1. Balearics

2. Cyprus

3. Middle of the Earth

4. Corsica

5. Sicily

6. Aegean Sea

7. Paphos

8. Italy

9. Malta

10. Lipari Islands


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