Gulfs and Bays Quiz 1

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1. In which bay did James Cook land on his first visit to Australia?

2. The Bay of Bengal is part of which ocean?

3. What is the name of the bay between northern Spain and western France known for its rough seas?

4. Which is the largest of the inlets on the Atlantic coast of the USA boarded by Maryland and Virginia?

5. Which bay in Cuba was the scene of a 1961 US sponsored invasion?

6. On the north coast of which country would you find the bay of plenty?

7. What deep bay on the coast of New South Wales Australia, lies 90 miles southwest of Sydney?

8. What is the name of the inlet on the east coast of Australia, south of Sydney which was chosen as a penal colony in 1787?

9. Into which stretch of water does the Mississippi River flow?

10. What is another name for the Persian Gulf?


1. Botany Bay

2. Indian Ocean

3. Bay of Biscay

4. Chesapeake Bay

5. Bay of Pigs

6. New Zealand

7. Jervis Nay

8. Botany Bay

9. Gulf of Mexico

10. Arabian Gulf


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