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Geography Quiz1. By what name is the parallel of latitude 23.5 degrees North of the equator commonly known?

2. What does the term "Ria" mean?

3. What name is given to a region of high air pressure, the highest pressure occurring at the centre?

4. What, in geographical terms is the Prime Meridian?

5. What is the name of the hot southerly wind that blows from the Sahara across southern Italy?

6. What is the study of Earthquakes called?

7. If the latitude of the equator is 0 degrees, what is the latitude of the North Pole?

8. What name is given to the scientific observation and study of weather?

9. What sort of rock has been restructured by heat or pressure?

10. What is the geographical term for A smooth hill shaped by moving ice made up of glacial drift?

11. What do the following have in common Peterlee, Livingstone, Cwmbran, Crawley and Basildon?

12. What term is used describe the height of a place above sea level?

13. According to the Beaufort scale, what number is assigned to a hurricane?

14. Where would you find the San Andreas Fault?

15. What name is given to vast treeless plains in North America and Northern Russia?

16. What name is given to a sharp mountain ridge with steep sides formed by erosion?

17. What is a Mistral?

18. What is the name given to the molten substance emitted from a volcano?

19. What name is given to a whirling tornado like cloud occurring at sea?

20. What term is used to describe a series of waterfalls? It is also sometimes used to describe rapids?  


1. Tropic of Cancer

2. Drowned river valley

3. Anti Cyclone

4. 0 degrees through Greenwich

5. Sirocco

6. Seismology

7. 90 degrees North

8. Meteorology

9. Metamorphic

10. A drumlin

11. They are all new towns

12. Altitude

13. 12

14. West Coast USA

15. Tundra

16. Arete

17. A wind

18. Lava

19. Waterspout

20. Cataract


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