Around The World Quiz 1

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1. What is the smallest city in Scotland?

2. In which direction does the River Nile flow?

3. Before the Indonesian annexation, of which country was East Timor a colony?

4. The name of which New York thoroughfare takes its name from a barrier aimed at keeping the native Americans out?

5. What is the southern most country of South America?

6. Which two countries make up the Iberian peninsula?

7. Of which small country is Vaduz the capital?

8. What is the only country in the world to be ruled by an Emperor?

9. What is the world?s largest monolith?

10. Name two of the four Irish provinces?  


1. Dunblane

2. To the north

3. Portugal

4. Wall Street

5. Chile

6. Spain & Portugal

7. Liechtenstein

8. Japan

9. Ularu or Ayre?s Rock

10. Ulster, Munster, Connought and Leinster


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