Russian Federation Quiz 1

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This quiz was provided by Nathan Mazza from the UK, thanks Nathan, Great Job!

1. The Trans-Siberian Railway travels 9,289 km from Moscow to which Russian city?

2. If you're a wanting to buy a loaf of bread from Moscow, which currency do you spend?

3. Which of these countries does not share a border with Russia(Excluding Kaliningrad): Norway, North Korea, Latvia or Lithuania?

4. Which Russian city would be be in if you saw The Rodina?

5. What is Russia's official language?

6. What year did the Soviet Russia collapse?

7. Which country was first to declare independence from Soviet Russia?

8. Which Russian city will host the winter Olympic Games in 2014?

9. Which mounatain range runs through Russia?

10. What is the highest mountain in Russia and Europe?

1. Vladivostok

2. Ruble

3. Lithuania

4. Volgograd

5. Russian

6. 1991

7. Azerbaijan

8. Sochi

9. Ural Mountains

10. Mount Elbrus


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