The Sea Quiz 1

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1. What type of vessel was the main theme of the film grey lady down?

2. Who did Ian Smith meet on board HMS Tiger 1966, and HMS fearless in 1968?

3. Which British passenger ship was sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland on may 7, 1915?

4. Which nuclear powered submarine passed under the north pole in august 1958?

5. Who wrote the enduringly popular poems 'Sea fever' and 'Cargoes'?

6. What was the name of the steam launch in C.S Forester's novel which was later turned into a successful film?

7. What was the name of Christopher Columbus' flagship?

8. From which village did the eight-man life-boatmen of the Solomon Browne come, before losing their lives attempting to rescue seafarers in December 1981?

9. In Which year did the Titanic sink?

10. What nautical hallmark is stamped on silver objects struck in Birmingham?

11. Who is the roman god of the sea?

12. In maratime time-keeping, how long is eight-bells?

13. Which German pocket battleship did her own crew scuttle in December 1939 in the river plate?

14. Which ship was the first to use the international distress signal SOS in 1912?

15. In which disaster film was an ocean liner overturned by a massive wave?

16. What is captain Hook's pirate ship called?

17. What noun describes a fast pirate ship, often operating with official sanction?

18. Which of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas is about navy life?

19. Which two British destroyers were sunk off the Falklands in 1982?

20. Which port authority was fined 4m in 1999 because of the Sea Empress oil spill?


1. Submarine

2. Prime minister Harold Wilson

3. SS Llusitania.

4. USS nautilus

5. John Masefield.

6. The African queen

7. The Santa Maria

8. Mousehole, Cornwall

9. 1912.

10. An anchor.

11. Neptune

12. Four hours.

13. Graf Spee.

14. The titanic.

15. The Poseidon adventure

16. The Jolly Roger.

17. Corsair.

18. HMS pinafore

19. HMS Sheffield HMS Coventry

110. Milford Haven.


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