Europe Quiz 1

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1. What is the official language of Liechtenstein?

2. What is Scotland?s longest river?

3. What is the highest mountain in France?

4. Who succeeded Charles de Gaulle as French President?

5. What is England's highest mountain?

6. Which 2 cities does the grand union canal join?

7. Which pirate sank in March 1980?

8. What is located at 33 Nine Elms Lane, London?

9. Which famous European building has a name meaning Citadel?

10. In which county is Leamington Spa?

11. Which is the most northerly capital city on the European continent?

12. Name either of the 2 rivers the Jura mountains lie between?

13. Which Hungarian city was formed from 2 towns on opposite sides of the Danube?

14. What became the 50th state of the USA

15. Of which former Yugoslavian republic is Zagreb the capital?

16. In which country would you find the Tyrol?

17. The European Community was created in 1957 by which treaty?

18. In which Polish city was the union Solidarity formed in 1980?

19. Which 2 countries are divided by the Kattegat sea passage?

20. Name the mountainous peninsula on the Macedonian coast of Greece?


1. German

2. Tay

3. Mount Blanc

4. Georges Pompidou

5. Scafell Pike, 3210 ft

6. London & Birmingham

7. Radio Caroline

8. US embassy

9. Kremlin

10. Warwickshire

11. Helsinki

12. Rhine and Rhone

13. Budapest

14. Hawaii

15. Croatia

16. Austria

17. Treaty of Rome

18. Gdansk

19. Denmark and Sweden

20. Athos


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