Australasia Quiz 1

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1. Who was the Australian born star of the charge of the light brigade and the master of Ballantrae?

2. Which long serving Australian Prime Minister was in office from 1949 ? 1966?

3. What is a bandicoot?

4. How many times did Rod Laver win the Mens singles title at Wimbledon?

5. What was the former name of Tasmania?

6. What does Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand mean?

7. Which Nobel prizewinner from New Zealand discovered alpha, beta and gamma rays?

8. What shape is an Australian Rules Football pitch?

9. Which Australian Opera singer made her debut in England in 1952?

10. What is the name of the arid costal plain between Western and South Australia?

11. In which kind of tree does a koala bear spend most of its life?

12. Which country can be found to the west of Papua New Guinea?

13. Which actor starred in the film Tequila Sunrise?

14. Which fuzzy brown, egg-shaped fruit is grown on a large scale in New Zealand?

15. What was the name of the raft sailed across the Pacific by Thor Heyerdahl to show that South Americans could have reached Polynesia?

16. What huge monolith found in the Northern Territory, Australia is sacred to the aborigines?

17. Does the date go forward or backwards when you travel east across the International date Line?

18. Off the Coast of which Australian state can the Great barrier Reef be found?

19. Which city stands on the site of the original penal colony at Botany Bay?


1. Errol Flynn

2. Robert Menzies

3. A Marsupial

4. 4 times

5. Van Diemens Land

6. Land of the long white cloud

7. Ernest Rutherford

8. Oval

9. Joan Sutherland

10. Nullarbor Plain

11. Eucalyptus tree

12. Indonesia

13. Mel Gibson

14. Kiwi Fruit

15. The Kon Tiki

16. Ayers rock

17. Backwards

18. Queensland

19. Sydney


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