Scandinavia Quiz 1

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1. Which Scandinavian dramatist wrote such plays as Little Eyolf and Rosmersholm?

2. Which country did Abba come from?

3. Who is the Danish author of the novel Out of Africa?

4. Which Scandinavian directed such films as Wild Strawberries and Fanny & Alexander?

5. Which Scandinavian city hosted the 1995 World Athletic Championships?

6. Which Scandinavian artist painted The Scream?

7. Which Norwegian ice skater won the Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936?

8. What is Finlands name in its own language?

9. On whose life is the film Song of Norway based?

10. What is the most northerly city in Norway?


1. Henrik Ibsen

2. Sweden

3. Karen Blixen

4. Ingmar Bergman

5. Gothenburg

6. Edvard Munch

7. Sonja Henie

8. Suomi (Tasavalta)

9. Edvard Grieg

10. Hamerfest


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