Geography Quiz 7

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Geography Quiz1. Which sea lies between Korea and Shanghai?

2. Where in Russia can the worlds largest cannon be seen?

3. In which mountain range can the lost city of the Incas be found?

4. Which sea is really the world?s largest lake?

5. In which ocean was the Mary Celeste found adrift?

6. Which city is nicknamed the city of light?

7. In which sea is the dogger bank?

8. Which country owns the Queen Elizabeth isles in the Arctic?

9. Which is North America?s Highest Mountain?

10. After the end of the Vietnam War what was Saigon?s name changed to?

11. Which BBC TV weatherman gaffed in dismissing a viewers claim of an impending hurricane?

12. What is the Arab word for a dry desert valley or gully that sometimes floods in a storm?

13. In terms of hot water what do Iceland and New Zealand have in common?

14. Which American Volcano famously erupted in 1980?

15. Normal, Reverse, Strike Slip, Horst and Graben are all types of what?

16. The Tibetans call it ?Goddess Mother of the World?, what do we know it as?

17. Over 600,000 people died in the worlds worst recorded earthquake at Tangshan, in which country?

18. What island was created by volcanic activity off the south coast of Iceland in 1963?

19. The mammoth cave national park in the US can be found in which state?

20. Measured in total water volume, what are the two largest lakes in Great Britain?


1. The Yellow Sea

2. The Kremlin

3. The Andes

4. The Caspian

5. The Atlantic

6. Paris

7. The North Sea

8. Canada

9. Mount McKinley

10. Ho Chi Minh City

11. Michael Fish

12. A wadi

13. Geysers

14. Mt St Helens

15. Faults caused by movements in the earth

16. Mount Everest

17. China

18. Surtsey

19. Kentucky

20. Loch Ness and Loch Lomand


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