Asia and the Middle East Quiz 1

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1. What was the well-known former name of Iran?

2. Which country is the world?s largest producer of Tea?

3. What is the capital of Pakistan?

4. With what is the Japanese art of Bonsai concerned?

5. Which 13th century Mongol warlord controlled probably a larger area than anyone in history, from the black sea to the yellow sea?

6. Where did the gang of 4 try to seize power in 1976?

7. Which native East-Asian plant is the richest natural vegetable food?

8. The West Bank of which river has been occupied by Israel since 1967?

9. The ancient trading post of Malacca can be found in which country?

10. In which country would you find Manila?  


1. Persia

2. India

3. Islamabad

4. Miniature trees

5. Genghis Khan

6. China

7. Soya

8. Jordan

9. Malaysia

10. Philapinnes


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