A trip around London Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Many thanks again Alan, great job!

1. What hens do to worms maybe

2. Give the 3rd letter a good hiding

3. A mild description of Henry VIII losing his temper

4. Is this where the manager from TV's "The Office" would cross the Thames

5. What a Cockney doctor's main job is by the sound of it

6. What you do if you've enjoyed a cast's performance at the theatre

7. A female bird, cooked to perfection by the sound of it

8. Repeatedly using your car's audible warning equipment

9. Sounds like the scratchy feeling you get from a natural fibre

10. Cooked pork from China maybe


1. Peckham

2. Battersea

3. King's Cross

4. Brentford

5. 'Ealing!

6. Clapham

7. Hendon

8. Tooting

9. Woolwich

10. East Ham


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