Geography Quiz 19

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Geography Quiz1. Which Australian state was formerly known as Van Diemens land?

2. Uluru national park contains which famous rock?

3. What is the name of the desert in northern Chile called?

4. What is the word used to describe large areas of treeless land extending from Hungary through the Ukraine and into Southern Russia?

5. Which country consists of the 4 main islands, Honshu Hokkaido Shikoku & Kyushu?

6. Name of the fault that runs through California for about six hundred miles?

7. What is the largest city in the Lebanon called?

8. How many times zones are in existence?

9. What is the name of the bay that lies between Norfolk and Lincolnshire?

10. What has been described as probably Australia's best-known building?  


1. Tasmania

2. Ayers Rock

3. Atacama desert

4. Steppe

5. Japan

6. San Andreas Fault

7. Beirut

8. 24

9. The wash

10. Sydney Opera House


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