United States Quiz 2

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1-10: For each of the following presidents of the USA, state which political party they represented:

    1. Abraham Lincoln

    2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    3. Dwight David Eisenhower

    4. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    5. Lyndon Baines Johnson

    6. Richard Millhouse Nixon

    7. Gerald Rudolph Ford

    8. James Earl Carter

    9. Ronald Wilson Reagan

    10. George Washington  

11. In 1983 the USA launched its first woman astronaut what was her name?

12. What were the names of the two explorers and surveyors who in 1763-67 surveyed a boundary which formed the division between the slave-owning states and the free states of America?

13. What in New York city is known as the lungs of the city?

14. Before it was bought by America to which country did Alaska belong?

15. In which cemetery just outside of Washington dc have soldiers been buried since the civil war?

16. Texas, Idaho and Oklahoma all have panhandles but what is a panhandle?

17. Name either of the two US states that is rectangular?

18. Which valley in California is world famous for its wine making?

19. Which famous university is located in Cambridge Massachusetts?

20. Out of the 20 highest mountains in America, 17 are in which state?


1. Republican

2. Democrat

3. Republican

4. Democrat

5. Democrat

6. Republican

7. Republican

8. Democrat

9. Republican

10. Federation  

11. Sally Ride

12. Mason and Dixon

13. Central Park

14. Russia

15. Arlington

16. Strips of land spreading into another

17. Colorado or Wyoming

18. Napa valley

19. Harvard

20. Alaska


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