World Wonders Quiz 1

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1. Which river formed the Grand Canyon in Arizona USA?

2. Known to the Australian aborigines as Ulluru, what is the monolith better known as to the 50,000 visitors who flock to see it annually?

3. Into which Ocean does the Amazon flow?

4. On which island is Europe's largest active volcano, Mount Etna situated?

5. In which US state is Mammoth Cave, the worlds largest cave system?

6. On which Scottish Island will you find 'The Old Man Of Hoy'?

7. In which Country is the Mojave Desert?

8. What is the largest of 'The Marianas Islands?

9. In which country can the Bitter Lakes be found?

10. Which mountain is known as 'the Meanest Mountain on Earth?


1. Colorado

2. Ayers Rock

3. The Atlantic Ocean

4. Sicilly

5. Kentucky

6. Orkney

7. United States

8. Guam

9. Egypt

10. The Eiger


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