United States Quiz 1

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1. Which is the largest US state?

2. Of which US state is Albany the state capital?

3. Which US state has the longest land border with Mexico?

4. In which US state is the majority of the Yellowstone National Park?

5. In which US state is the Palomar Observatory, site of the Hale Telescope?

6. Which is the smallest US state?

7. In which US state was Elvis Presley born in January 1935?

8. How many US states are prefixed by the word New?

9. In which US state would you find the painted desert?

10. What is the most easterly of the US states?


1. Alaska

2. New York

3. Texas

4. Wyoming

5. California

6. Rhode Island

7. Mississippi

8. 4 (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York)

9. Arizona

10. Maine

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