Geography Quiz 2

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Geography Quiz1. Which range of mountains separates France from Spain?

2. In which country is the highest peak on the continent of Africa?

3. Which river forms much of the boundary between Norfolk and Suffolk?

4. Off the coast of which country would you find the Gulf of Carpentaria?

5. What is the longest river in Europe?

6. In which country is the source of the river Danube?

7. What country is home to Varig Airlines?

8. Which of the Great Lakes in North America is the largest?

9. What is the name of the deepest part of the pacific Ocean?

10. Which Irish county stretches the furthest North?

11. Beneath which Paris monument is France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

12. By area which is the smallest ocean?

13. In which hills is Cheddar Gorge?

14. Near which town is Riber Castle?

15. The eastern Mediterranean is known by what name?

16. The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima - where was the second dropped?

17. In which country were Duesenberg cars manufactured?

18. From which country do the Gurkhas come from?

19. What is mainland Europe's most heavily populated city?

20. Which country's capital shares the name with a now obsolete British jet bomber?


1. Pyrenees

2. Tanzania

3. River Waverney

4. Australia

5. Volga

6. Germany

7. Brazil

8. Lake Superior

9. Mariana Trench (or Challenger deep)

10. Donegal

11. Arc de Triomphe

12. Arctic

13. Mendips

14. Matlock

15. Levant

16. Nagasaki

17. USA

18. Nepal

19. Paris

20. Australia (Canberra)

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