Geography Quiz 3

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Geography Quiz1. Where would you find the Pensacola Mountains?

2. How many states of the United States of America have a Pacific coast?

3. Name the four states in the USA that start with the letter A?

4. The Dominican Republic shares an island with which other country?

5. The Pillars of Hercules stands either side of which stretch of water?

6. In which city would you find the Wailing Wall?

7. Which of these islands is the largest - Anglesey or Mull?

8. There are three countries that have both an Atlantic and a Mediterranean coast, name them

9. Name a country whose name starts with the letter A but does not finish with an A?

10. The Vistula is the longest river in which country?

11. What is the state capital of Rhode Island?

12. Which landmark in the Australian Blue Mountains is named after a trio of Aboriginal siblings?

13. What is the Capital of San Marino?

14. What American state is Silicon Valley in?

15. Magyar is the official language of which country?

16. Which word describes the flat area of alluvial deposits on the mouth of some rivers?

17. What port is at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal?

18. Which mountain chain is deemed as forming the eastern boundary of Europe?

19. In which ocean are The Maldives, Chagos and Cocos Islands situated?

20. What is the nearest island to the Calf of Man Island?  


1. Antarctica

2. Five: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

3. Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama

4. Haiti

5. Straits of Gibraltar

6. Jerusalem

7. Mull

8. Spain, France and Morroco

9. Afghanistan, Azerbaijan

10. Poland

11. Providence

12. The Three Sisters

13. San Marino

14. California

15. Hungary

16. Delta

17. Colon (thanks to Rob for correcting this answer and the next)

18. The Urals 

19. The Indian Ocean

20. The Isle Of Man  


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