Geography Quiz 4

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Geography Quiz1. What are the natives of Tangier called?

2. What is the most mountainous country in Europe?

3. What country would you have to visit to see the ruins of Troy?

4. What ocean laps at the shore of Madagascar?

5. What is the largest city in Alaska?

6. What arch can you see from the Place de La Concorde?

7. What country has the port of Haifa?

8. What river does Plymouth stand on

9. What is El Salvador?s capital?

10. What kind of creatures are the Canary Islands named after?  

11. What city is Wiener Schnitzel named after?

12. Name the 2 cities that mark the ends of the trans-Siberian Railway?

13. What airline is Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services?

14. How many square miles, to the nearest mile is Gibraltar?

15. What is the capital of the US state of Nevada?

16. What country?s national folk hero is called Holger Danske?

17. What country is the Hellenic Republic?

18. What is the southernmost state in the US?

19. What mountain range is traversed by the highest railroad in the world?

20. What are the two official languages of South Africa?


1. Tangerines

2. Switzerland

3. Turkey

4. The Indian Ocean

5. Anchorage

6. The Arc de Triomphe

7. Israel

8. The River Plym

9. San Salvador

10. Dogs  

11. Vienna

12. Moscow and Vladivostok

13. Qantas

14. 2

15. Carson City

16. Denmark

17. Greece

18. Hawaii

19. The Andes

20. English and Afrikaans


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