The Middle Ages Quiz 1

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1. Who invaded England during the reign of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex?

2. At the centre of a medieval castle, surrounded by walls and moats was a tall tower, what was it called?

3. Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of Rome in 800. What does his name mean?

4. Which came first Oxford or Cambridge university?

5. From where did the Vikings come?

6. Which famous tapestry tells the story of the Battle of Hastings?

7. In which building was Thomas a Becket murdered in 12th Century?

8. Which country was ruled by the Shoguns from 1192?

9. In the Middle Ages, every monastery had its Physick garden. What was grown there?

10. Which city did the Medicis rule?


1. The Danes

2. The Keep

3. Charles the Great

4. Oxford

5. Scandanavia

6. Bayeaux Tapestry

7. Canterbury Cathedral

8. Japan

9. Herbs for medicinal purposes

10. Florence


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