Dress and Fashion Quiz 1

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1. Which Mary was the British dress and fashion designer who revolutionised the world of clothes, jewellery , cosmetics and fashion in the sixties?

2. What colour sari does an Indian bride traditionally wear?

3. A fashionable Country Club at a park in New York gave its name to a dinner jacket or evening dress for men. Name it.

4. Where would you wear espadrilles?

5. Name the loose, coarse over-garment, prescribed by law as the distinctive garment of the Jews in the Middle Ages (as worn by Shylock).

6. In which country might the soldiers wear a stiff white kilt known as a fustanella?

7. Who would be seen wearing a trousseau?

8. Smocking is a popular form of decoration on young children's clothing. What is the name of the stitch in which smocking is worked?

9. Which item of clothing did James Belcher give his name to in the nineteenth century?

10. A dolly varden is an article of clothing what kind?

11. A male's formal evening dress-coat is often referred to as 'tails'. Why is this?

12. What article of dress or clothing comes in the following forms: Domino, Cardinal, Pelegrine, Mantle, Dolman and Inverness?

13. Which item of dress was launched in the sixties by Mr Fish, a fashion entrepreneur?

14. What name is given to the thin veil worn by Moslem women in public?

15. If you were wearing a Sam Brown what would you have on?

16. What name was given to the embroidered box-like contraption at the front of men's breeches in the early sixteenth century?

17. Sir Anthony Eden gave his name to which item of dress, popularised by him in the thirties?

18. What was the name of the very narrow skirt introduced in 1910, which made it difficult for the wearer to walk?

19. An anorak is a long hooded jacket of skin or cloth but from what language does the word anorak come?

20. Which Paris couturier introduced the New Look in 1947?  


1. Mary Quant

2. Red

3. Tuxedo

4. On the feet

5. Gaberdine

6. Greece

7. A bride

8. Honeycomb Stich

9. A scalf

10. A large hat

11. Shortened form of Swallowtails (the full name)

12. Cloaks or capes

13. The Kipper tie

14. Yashmak

15. A belt with a strap over the right shoulder

16. Codpiece

17. A black felt hat

18. Hobble skirt

19. Eskimo

20. Christian Dior


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