Decorations and Emblems Quiz 1

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1. What is the highest decoration awarded for bravery to civilians in the United Kingdom?

2. What is the name of the flag of the French Republic?

3. What is the name of the oldest military award in the USA which was instituted by George Washington in 1782?

4. The Union Jack is flown at half-mast for three occasions, what are they?

5. What .is the inscription on the obverse side of the Victoria Cross?

6. What is the national emblem which appears on the Canadian flag?

7. If a staff with a coiled serpent symbolises medicine, what is said to symbolise education?

8. What does it mean if the Union Jack is flown upside down from a ship or building?

9. The flag of Nepal  is unique in terms of national flags. What is remarkable about it?

10. Which two colours make up the Polish flag?

11. What colour ribbon has the Victoria Cross?

12. How many points has the Star of David?

13. A statue called The Sprit of Ecstasy is internationally famous and may be seen in many of the more affluent countries of the world -why?

14. If a heraldic figure or beast were described as couchant, what would it be doing?

15. In Britain there are four orders of knighthood. What are they?

16. How many lobes or sets of petals does a Tudor rose have?

17. Who wears a signet ring that is sometimes called The Fisherman's Ring?

18. The Union Jack consists of three heraldic crosses. Can you name them?

19. Of what is the bluebird a symbol?

20. Which German military decoration consists of a Maltese cross of iron, edged with silver?


1. The George Cross

2. Le Tricolour

3. Order of the Purple Heart

4. The death of the sovereign, funerals of PMs and ex PMs, and by Royal command

5. For Valour

6. The Maple Leaf

7. A torch

8. It is a distress signal

9. It is not rectangular

10. Red and White

11. Crimson

12. 6

13. Name of the symbol on a Rolls Royce

14. Lying down

15. Orders of the Garter, the Bath, the Thistle and St Patrick

16. 5

17. The pope

18. St Andrews, St Patrick's and St George's

19. Happiness

20. Iron Cross


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