Crime and Punishment Quiz 2

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1. What was the name of the judge who presided over the courts known as the Bloody Assizes?

2. The figure of justice on the Old Bailey in London holds a set of scales in one hand. What is in the other hand?

3. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, was sentenced to death. How was the sentence carried out?

4. Who shot Ronald Reagan in March 1981?

5. In which year (to the nearest three years) was the last judicial hanging in Great Britain?

6. The Bow Street Runners were a group of men paid to prevent crimes and riots, prior to a police force in Britain. Which novelist started this group in 1750?

7. Who was the 17th century English adventurer who almost succeeded in stealing the Crown Jewels?

8. What was the former name of the Birmingham Prison?

9. What do the letters QC stand for?

10. What is the maximum fine in a Magistrates court in the UK?

11. Who, according to tradition, murdered several wives in turn because they showed undue curiosity about a locked room?

12. What was named the 'crime of the century' in 1963?

13. The pillory was a device used for punishing wrong- doers. Which parts of the body were held in the pillory?

14. What was the name of the former nurse who was convicted at Durham for poisoning a stepson and who was suspected of committing another 15 murders for petty gains, who was hanged in March 1873?

15. Where are the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police in London?

16. Who was charged with firing the shot from the Texas Book Depository Building in Dallas on 22nd November 1963?

17. What was the name of the first penal colony established by the British Government in New South Wales in 1788?

18. What is the crime when a person deceives someone else so that he gives up his property or another legal right?

19. John George Haigh was hanged for murder in August 1949. What ingenious method did he use to get rid of his victims' bodies?

20. The police chief Alphonse Bertillon is often credited with the invention of the fingerprint method of detection, yet this was largely the work of whom


1. Judge Jeffries

2. A sword

3. He poisoned himself with hemlock

4. John Hinckley

5. 1964

6. Henry Fielding (A magistrate at Bow St)

7. Colonel Thomas Blood

8. Winson Green

9. Queen's Counsel

10. ?20000

11. Bluebeard

12. The Great Train Robbery

13. Neck and Wrists

14. Mary Ann Cotton

15. New Scotland Yard

16. Lee Harvey Oswald

17. Botany Bay

18. Fraud

19. An acid Bath

20. Sir Francis Galton


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