Crime and Punishment Quiz 1

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1. Richard John Bingham disappeared after the alleged murder of a nanny in London. By what title is he better known?

2. Which criminal's arrest made history as it was the first time that wireless telegraphy had been used for police purposes?

3. For whose death was James Earl Ray responsible in 1968?

4. Alfred Dreyfus was a Frenchman falsely accused of treason and sent to a notorious penal colony from which few escaped or survived -what was the name of this infamous prison?

5. Which famous criminal lived at 10 Rillington Place?

6. How did Ruth Ellis become famous in British history

7. Fleet St prison stood on the east side of Faringdon Street in London. For what was it particularly known?

8. What name is given to the crime of deliberately burning someone else's property?

9. Bastinado was an eastern form of punishment of what did it consist?

10. Daniel Defoe and Fielding both wrote about the notorious character Jonathan Wilde who was hanged in 1725. What activity led to his notoriety?

11. Which criminal was known as Scarface?

12. Who was the man known as the Brides in the Bath Murderer? He was condemned to death in 1915 for his murder of Beatrice Mundy, Alice Burnham and Margaret Lofty?

13. What type of person may have been referred to as a cutpurse?

14. Why was Hare released following the trial of his fellow criminal Burke in the infamous body-snatchers case in Edinburgh?

15. He was the hero of a mythical ride from London to York in Ainsworth's novel Rookwood. He was hanged in York aged 33. Who was he?

16. Who was the burglar and murderer who used his violin case for carrying his burgling tools? He was sentenced to death in 1878.

17. By what nickname was the criminal Albert De Salvo better known?

18. Name the infamous maximum-security prison (now disused) which was situated on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay?

19. Who was known as The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?

20. What was the popular nickname given to the known murderer of eight prostitutes in the east end of London during 1887-9?  


1. Lord Lucan

2. Dr Crippen

3. Martin Luther King

4. Devil's island

5. John Christie

6. Last woman to be judicially hung in Britain

7. Noted debtors prison

8. Arson

9. Beating the soles of the feet

10. He was a burglar

11. Al Capone

12. George Joseph Smith

13. A pickpocket

14. He turned King's evidence

15. Dick Turpin

16. Charles Peace

17. The Boston Strangler

18. Alcatraz

19. Sweeney Todd

20. Jack the Ripper


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