Dress and Fashion Quiz 2

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1. Who would wear an Orphrey, Morse and Cope and carry a crozier?

2. Which everyday French word is used to describe the long waterproof outer garment with a hood, which is often worn by hill walkers?

3. An Aran Knit sweater is a popular and well-known type of patterned knitwear -but where are the Aran Islands from which the name comes?

4. What is the name given to the tweed cloth made in the Scottish Highlands of the Outer Hebrides?

5. What is the name given to the lace scarf worn over the head and shoulders by Spanish women?

6. Which article of clothing was referred to as a homburg?

7. What was the nickname of the French fashion designer Gabrielle Chanel?

8. The frills on a man's dress-shirt front have the same name as the small intestine of animals prepared for food. What is this name?

9. Which article of clothing, worn by British soldiers during the Crimean War, was named after the Earl who commanded the Light Brigade at Balaclava?

10. Who would have worn a gorget, pauldron, beaver and greave?

11. What is the name of the colour of the clothing supposedly worn by Robin Hood and his men, to match the forest in which they hid?

12. What name is given to a type of cloak, originating in South America, which resembles a blanket with a central hole for the head?

13. What is the name of the kind of pouch which Scotsmen wear in front of their kilts?

14. What is the name of women's trousers which are made to look like a skirt?

15. What is the name of the top fashion designer nicknamed Punk Princess of Fashion?

16. Name the English couturier who designed the wed- ding and coronation dresses of Queen Elizabeth II.

17. What were known as Oxford Bags?

18. On what part of the body is a wimple worn and who would normally be seen wearing it?

19. Which clothing company has a name that when translated into English means water guard?

20. What name is given to the diamond shape pattern often seen on socks?  


1. A bishop

2. Cagoule

3. Off the west coast of Ireland near Galway

4. Harris Tweed

5. Mantilla

6. A soft felt hat

7. Coco

8. Chitterlings

9. Cardigan

10. A knight (part of a suit of armour)

11. Lincoln green

12. 2. A poncho

13. A sporran

14. Culottes

15. Zandra Rhodes

16. Sir Norman Hartnell

17. Wide bottom trousers

18. On the head by Nuns

19. Aquascutum

20. Argyle


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