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Sweets!!1. Which acid is combined with sugar to make an acid drop?

2. In which cartoon series was there an adventurous baby boy called Swee'pea?

3. Which chemical compound, several hundred times sweeter than sugar, is used as a substitute for it?

4. Initially specialising in personal computers and word processors, which electronics company was founded by Alan Sugar?

5. What name is given to a sponge cake with a sweet jam or cream filling?

6. Who was the lead singer of the group called The Sweet, who sadly died in 1998?

7. In which Tchaikovsky ballet is there the dance of the sugar plum fairy?

8. Which chocolate manufacturer started off as a family run business in Birmingham in 1856?

9. Which well-known Italian phrase means 'The Sweet Life'?

10. In which South American city will you find Sugarloaf mountain?  


1. Tartaric Acid

2. Popeye

3. Saccharin

4. Amstrad

5. Victoria sandwich

6. Brian Connolly

7. Nutcracker

8. Cadbury's

9. La dolce vita

10. Rio De Janeiro


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