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The following quiz was kindly Compiled by Kaushik Bhattacharya. Many thanks Kaushik, a very interesting round of questions there.

1) A professor from MIT, Y. W. Lee, bet his life savings on this scientist?s effort and that?s how the dream of the son of a political dissident who was raised in Philadelphia came true. Who am I referring to?

2) Created by Robert George, it was a result of a bet made with the Captain of the French Davis Cup Team 1926. The bet was that if he wins, the Captain would get him a suitcase made of a special material. He won and the American Media nicknamed him after that. Name the brand.

3) In 1915, it made its debut as a cellulose bandage for World War I soldiers much before American nurses in France adapted the product to its current purpose. Which product.

4) Which product was invented by the mother of a Monkee?

5) Which product was inspired by the plastic used to package flavored freezer ice pops?

6) Which product is manufactured by a company founded by a man who played the bugle at the Battle of Waterloo?

7) Which product is named after a line in a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson?

8) Which product eventually spelled success for its creator, who spent 16 years trying to get it off the ground?

9) Which product was a result of a career change when wartime gas rationing hurt the founder?s resort restaurant?

10) Which product sweetened GIs? rations in the field during World War II?

11) Which product was designed to be so simple "even a man could do it"?

12) Which product first turned up in 1937 Cadillacs?

13) Which product hit the big leagues when it began carrying the first celebrity endorsements?

14) In 1845, a 26-year-old Swiss immigrant named John Moses ___________ , settled in Cincinnati, quickly rose to the rank of a leader in the city's civic and business communities as a successful carriage maker. On the quality of his product, he had to say: "If it is wood, we can make it, and we can make it better than anyone else." What was he referring to?

15) Inspired by Lilli, a renowned prostitute from a German Adult Cartoon with an unusual measurement of 39-21-33, it debuted in 1959. Name this icon which is sold approximately every 3 seconds worldwide.

16) Born as the American Messenger Co. in Seattle, it went on to inspire the off-Broadway musical Romance on Wheels during World War II.

17) In the summer of 1951, a 38-year-old Memphis homebuilder was on his vacation to Washington along with his family. By the time they reached Washington, he had grown so agitated with the erratic services (like no swimming pools, extra charge for his kids, etc.) of wayside motels on that he made his wife a promise: He would go into the motel business and make a point of never charging extra for children. What did he end up with?


1: Amar Gopal Bose on Bose Corporation (1964).

2: Lacoste.

3: Tampoons [NB: After the war, Kimberly-Clark--finding itself deluged with excess bandages--decided to follow the nurses' example and marketed the bandages to menstruating women. Thus, the modern tampon was born.]

4: Liquid Paper [NB: Michael Nesmith?s mother, Bette Nesmith Graham, was the brain behind Liquid Paper, which was originally called "mistake out."]

5: Kari-Out Soy Sauce Packets [NB: Howard Epstein, the founder of Kari-Out, had used plastic sheathing to package freeze-pops early in his career and realized the packets would be perfect for soy sauce.]

6: Steinway Piano [NB: Heinrich Engelhardt Steinweg fought against Napoleon?s forces at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.]

7: Sweet ?n Low [NB: Sweet 'N Low came from founder Ben Eisenstadt's favorite song, "Sweet and Low," which was based on Tennyson's poem of the same name.]

8: Scrabble [NB: Alfred Mosher Butts failed in his early attempts to sell his game, which was called Criss-Cross Words before being renamed as Scrabble.]

9: Tropicana [NB: Anthony Rossi, who came to the United States from Italy in 1921, first shipped citrus fruits from Florida to New York City department stores. He later moved into the juice business.]

10: Necco Wafers [NB: During the war, the U.S. government bought out a major portion of Necco's supply to give GIs in the field a sure source of calories.]

11: Chelsea Milling?s Jiffy Muffin?s Mix [NB: In 1930, Mabel Holmes was inspired to come up with a ready-to-make baking mix when she noticed a neighborhood boy, who was being raised by a single father, eating a dry, hard homemade biscuit.]

12: Phillips Screws [NB: GM may have been first, but the new screw caught on quickly: By 1940, 85% of the screw industry had licensed the Phillips design, and almost the entire automotive industry had shifted to using it.]

13: Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat [NB: In 1905, Pittsburgh Pirate Honus Wagner signed a contract allowing J. F. Hillerich & Son to use his signature on a bat, launching Louisville Slugger's legendary hallmark.]

14: Brunswick Billiard Tables

15: Barbie

16: UPS (United Parcel Service by James Casey)

17: Holiday Inn (Kemmons Wilson) [NB: His draftsman Eddie Bluestein named it after the title of a Bing Crosby film he had seen the night before the presentation.]  


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