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1. Chernobyl was the site of a nuclear accident in 1986, in which country is it?

2. Casablanca is the title of a well known film starring Humphrey Bogart. In which country is the town of this same name?

3. Waterloo was the scene of a famous battle fought in 1815, in which country is it?

4. Guadalcanal was the site of fierce fighting during world war II. In which group of islands is it?

5. Herp Alpert was backed on several hits by the Tijuana Brass. Where is Tijuana?

6. In which country is Transylvania, home of the vampire legends?

7. ?The girl from Ipanema? was a popular tune of the 1960s. In which country is Ipanema?

8. Timbuktu is always cited as a very distant and outlandish place, where is it?

9. Fez is an African city which gives its name to a type of hat. In which country is it?

10. The Crimea is a famous as the scene of a war in the middle of the last century which included the famous Charge of the Light Brigade. What country does it belong to?  


1. Ukraine

2. Morocco

3. Belgium

4. Solomon islands

5. Mexico

6. Romania

7. Brazil

8. The Sahara Desert in Mali

9. Morocco

10. Ukraine  


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