Pulling your leg Quiz 1

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1. How many legs has a crab?

2. Which US actress, singer, dancer and war-time pin-up girl insured her legs for a million dollars?

3. In cricket, which fielding position is nearest the bowler on the batsman's leg side?

4. Who occupied the site that is now the home of Legoland?

5. What name is given to a projection bearing a tuft of hair on the back of the leg above the hoof of a horse?

6. Which long cloth strip is wrapped spirally round the leg from ankle to knee, especially as part of an army uniform?

7. Which US Senator, and potential president, got into trouble for getting a leg over with Donna Rice in 1987?

8. Did Douglas Bader lose both his legs before or after shooting down 22 planes in 1941?

9. Which Middle Eastern dance is characterised by the use of the hips, spine, shoulders, and stomach muscles rather than the legs?

10. Who was the ITN newsreader who was famous for allegedly being legless while reading the news?  


1. 10

2. Betty Grable

3. Mid On

4. Windsor Safari Park

5. Fetlock

6. Puttee

7. Gary Hart

8. Before (Flying accident 1931)

9. Belly dance

10. Reggie Bosanquet


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