On Fire Quiz 1

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1. Wheels on Fire is the theme tune to which BBC TV comedy series of the 1990s?

2. In which Dickens novel does Miss Havisham die following a fire at her home?

3. Which country singer had a ring of Fire?

4. Who according to Belloc?s well known poem, regularly shouted Fire? Was it Clara, Matilda, The Wolf, The Judge or The Fireman

5. Who composed the music for the ballet ?The Firebird??

6. Name any 2 of the 3 Fire Signs?

7. Which famous film includes a scene the Burning of Atlanta?

8. Who proclaimed in his 1968 number 1 hit ?I am the god of Hellfire??

9. In which decade was the great Fire of London?

10. Who do we associate with the control of Fires on Oil rigs?


1. Absolutely Fabulous

2. Great Expectations

3. Johnny Cash

4. Matilda

5. Igor Stravinsky

6. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (any 2)

7. Gone with the wind

8. Arthur Brown

9. 1660?s

10. Red Adair


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