Air Travel Quiz 1

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1. Ellen Church is best remembered as the first what?

2. How many members of the Manchester United squad were killed at the Munich air crash in 1958?

3. Cathay Pacific is the national airline of where?

4. Who manufactured the Chipmunk aircraft

5. True or False, Richard Branson was the first person to cross the Atlantic in a balloon?

6. Which city is served by Don Muang airport?

7. Which island has the dubious distinction of holding the record for the worst air crash ever?

8. Which well known person was the first to be killed in an air crash in the UK?

9. What first did Captain Albert Berry do or achieve in 1912?

10. Who pioneered the sky-train?


1. Air hostess

2. 7

3. Hong Kong

4. De Havilland

5. False (It was done in 1978)

6. Bangkok

7. Teneriffe

8. Charles Rolls

9. First parachute jump (From an aircraft)

10. Freddie Laker


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